Music for top 1% fans

Crew brings people closer through fandom while giving artists new ways to engage and monetize their most passionate fans.

Connect Spotify or Apple Music

Level up while you listen to music

Get your artist to the top of the leaderboard

Unlock achievement-based NFTs

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Behind-the-scenes for close friends

Sharing content is increasingly how close friends stay in touch. Private Key is a radical product that shares everything in your phone’s camera roll with your closest friends, creating a low-friction way to share content and a new signal of friendship.

Shared camera roll with closest friends

See all photos and videos

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A digital room that’s yours

For a generation growing up in Roblox and Minecraft, building digital 3D spaces is becoming second-nature. Our customizable 3D rooms experiment - dubbed “MySpace for the Roblox generation” - has nearly 200,000 sign-ups and counting.

Create your own 3D room

Meet friends and invite them to your room

Add posters, furniture, and more


Livestreaming for the rest of us

Today, livestreaming is complex and expensive. aims to make livestreaming easy, approachable, and affordable. Stream to viewers as you browse TikTok, play Roblox, listen to music, and more. All while using an avatar, not your camera.

Livestream your phone’s screen

Make your stream public or private

Use your MeMoji avatar

Have your very own “” domain


Content ideas generated by GPT-3

What if Artificial Intelligence could help us overcome creative block? harnesses the power of GPT-3 for content creators.

New content ideas with one click

Favorite and share the best ideas


One home for all your links

Our first product, is a simple and beautiful home for all of your links. Thousands of creators have put their link in their bio to drive revenue and grow their fanbase across platforms.

One home for all your links

Simple aesthetic


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